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    We have developed a software that allows you to determine the best light quality that is adapted to your needs.

    Geolocation and day time

    We can adapt our light combinations to your environment conditions.

    Daylight - CCT

    Color correlated temperature.

    Experimental data

    Solar spectrum UV-Visible-Infrared 10 min interval.

    Sun position

    (φ, λ) & Datetime Timezone Altitude of the Sun.

    Science Data

    Analysis & Filter Establish relationships.

    Secure Api

    Have private access to the Api.


    Boost the properties of your smart lighting systems, customise light scenes or get an optimised version of Kumux Api Smart Lighting.

    Kumux Api Smart Lighting

    Get an optimised version of our Kumux Api Smart Lighting service, and get unique results.

    Laica AI

    Our automated light scenes are created with AI algorithms that optimise your light.

    TM 30 - 20

    It is a method for evaluating light source color rendition. We follow these values to match the exact colors of natural light.

    Non-visual parameters

    M/P ratio, circadian stimulus, and MEDI.


    Get light scenes tailored to your company's specifications and products.


    This gives you access to our online platform, where you can customise various parameters and create your own light scenes.

    AI powered fixture design

    Design fixtures based on HCL parameters and up to 8 channels.

    Cloud based software.

    Integrated LED Data Base

    Kumux's database holds over 1k LEDS from the market.

    Create your own database.

    Light recipes & dynamic timelines

    Customise your lights based on color consistency, non-visual parameter control, and energy efficiency.

    Automatically calculate transitions from one recipe to another.

    HCL data visualization

    Get private access to our online platform from anywhere, and get customer service and assistance from our team of experts.