How to Maximize
the Value of
Smart Lighting

Smart Lighting

What is smart lighting?

Smart Lighting means taking LEDs to the next level: it allows you to control your lights with IoT systems and create a ecosystem of lights that can interact with other software, bringing an entire world of new possibilities for your indoor spaces.

How does it work?

Since we can create different light combinations to accommodate to our circadian rhythms, we can adapt our lights to many different settings and spaces, and to any particular activity or need.
A Step Back
Human Centric Lighting
The human daily routine is originally shaped by the course of the brightness of daylight. However, we can only very rarely experience this in a natural way. Most of the time we spend the (working) day in closed rooms and with a time dictate that is not based on daylight.
HCL concept offers support here: a typical feature is dynamic lighting based on the natural course of daylight with a change between different lighting scenarios. It enables the independent control over the three dimensions that are key to lighting focused on the human being: light intensity, colour temperature and direction.
Kumux Lighting
We use CCT (color correlated temperature) to describe the temperature of a light source. Color temperature is conventionally expressed in kelvins (K). Color temperatures over 5000 K are called "cool colors" (bluish), while lower color temperatures (2700-3000 K) are called "warm colors" (yellowish).
Brightness is the amount of light emitted by a light source. In this case, we use a value ranging from 0 to 100 following the solar movement, adapted to the needs of the space. Values close to 0 mean a low level of light, such as at night, while values close to 100 mean the opposite.
Discover Kumux Api Smart Lighting
We have developed a software that allows you to take into account your geo location, time of the year, and sleep-wake cycles to determine the best light settings based on experimental data, getting results that are adapted to your needs.
Can you image a software that can empower your smart lighting projects? We have developed a software that allows you yo determine the best light quality that is adapted to your needs.

Geolocation and daytime

Adapting light combinations to your environment conditions.

Experimental data

Solar spectrum UV-Visible-Infrared 10 min interval.

Science Data

Analysis & Filter Establish relationships.

Sun position

(Φ,λ) & Datetime , Timezone and Altitude of the Sun.

Daylight - CCT

Color correlated temperature.

Secure Api

Have private access to the Api.