Spectrum Design

About Kumux Platform
To create different light scenes or light recipes, Kumux offers an online platform that allows you to enhance the capabilities of your multi-channel LED system.
In the following video we will show you how to create 3 different scenes including a warm, neutral and cool white light with an extremely high CRI and R9 values.
Discover Kumux Platform
Through control, the light becomes dynamic. The channels intensity can vary as desired. Do you want to have full control and freedom over your light scenes?
Kumux Platform gives you access to our online platform, where you can customise your light parameters and create your own light scenes.

AI powered fixture design

Design fixtures based on HCL parameters and up to 8 channels.
Cloud based software.

Integrated LED Data Base

Kumux's database holds over 1k LEDS from the market.
Create your own database.

HCL data visualization

Get private access to our online platform from anywhere, and get customer service and assistance from our team of experts.

Light recipes & dynamic timelines

Customize your lights based on color consistency, non-visual parameter control, and energy efficiency.
Automatically calculate transitions from one recipe to another.