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Software that simulates the sunlight indoors in an automatic way to improve people’s health and well-being.
Humans’ well-being is directly influenced by the light they receive throughout the day. It has a direct impact on our body's internal clock, especially in our sleep and wake cycles.
KUMUX Human-Centric Lighting takes artificial light in buildings and transforms it automatically, taking into account geolocation, date, time and activity, to give you the benefits of healthty natural light.
KUMUX Lighting is adapted to the activity needs in each type of solution and space so that non-visual characteristics of light can boost productivity and concentration in offices or schools, but also help patients in hospitals to recover faster.

Try KUMUX simulator for your projects

How is KUMUX Lighting? Our simulator can show you how lighting settings are controlled automatically throughout the day by KUMUX software in your specific project. You can also check the benefits and savings, or even download your simulation report.
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You can bring the sun indoors in any kind of smart building with KUMUX lighting control, which adapts light for each type of space. This way users receive the benefits of the sunlight and the energy consumption of the building is reduced.


KUMUX Lighting Control can be included in any lighting control system, independently of the lamp manufacturer and control protocol.


Circadian lighting balances our internal clock to improve rest at night, boost our energy during the day and enhance our mood.
Health is essential for good productivity, but proper light during working hours can also sharpen our senses and improve our attention and productivity. This has an important impact on business results.
Energy Saving
Energy saving
Smart lighting regulation all day long, instead of fixed lighting, saves up to 20% of energy for lighting with a reduction of the energy bill.

Kumux lighting features

Automatic setting
Automatic setting
No manual configuration of lighting parameters is needed by the user or installer. Only geolocation and activity have to be configured to enjoy an automatic lighting system that mimics natural light indoors at any date and any time.
The software has been developed based on scientific data and research about sunlight characteristics worldwide and the effects of light on the human body and health.
Software only
Software only
KUMUX lighting algorithm is a software for smart buildings and it can be integrated into any lighting control system. Only tunable white is needed to adjust the light settings and simulate sunlight.


According to Lighting Europe's definition, Human-Centric Lighting is lighting that supports the health, well-being, and performance of humans by combining the visual, biological and emotional benefits of light.

Circadian lighting is a light that helps the natural cycle of physical, mental and behavioral changes that the body goes through in a 24-hour cycle, also known as circadian rhythm.

They are both based on the effects of light on the human body.

KUMUX Circadian Lighting System is completely automatic. The user only has to enable/disable the circadian lighting regulation with a switch or button and light characteristics are dynamically changing along the day without any other interaction, bearing in mind their geolocation and activity. This improves the user experience since they do not need to select any complex lighting parameters (and understand their effects) and receive all the benefits of human-centric lighting without any additional effort.
KUMUX Lighting is a software solution that can be integrated into any lighting control system in smart buildings. You only need tunable white lamps and KUMUX Lighting will regulate them in their color temperature and brightness range, to simulate the changing sunlight indoors.
With KUMUX Lighting, there could be a reduction of up to 20% in the energy consumption of the lighting system. However, the most important financial benefit of the solution is thanks to the impact of circadian lighting on people’s health. For example, when used in an office, the productivity of employees could rise by 4.5%. In a company with 500,000$ of payroll expenses, this could mean 22,500$ of savings. So both, energy savings and payroll savings would reduce the payback period of the control system for circadian lighting.