Daylight algorithm calculates the color temperature of daylight on a clear day – based on your time, date and GPS location.


Creating smart lighting that reproduces natural light helps you keep your biological rhythms synchronised with the sun, use different light combinations to meet your specific needs, and improve your overall health.


Human Centric Lighting

HCL represents a new concept that focuses on designing light that's adapted to human needs, that is, taking artificial light and transforming it to have the same benefits as natural light.

Smart Lighting

We have brought artificial light into our spaces for the purpose of taking advantage of the time we have when there's no sunlight. However, ill-timed exposure to light can have negative effects on our health, such as disrupting our circadian rhythms.

That is why we need ways to improve the quality of our smart lights by applying Human Centric Lighting, which considers visual and non-visual parameters of natural light to design better and healthier smart lighting.

HCL applications

Modern light bulbs/smart lighting are composed of many LEDs that produce specific light spectra, some produce white light, while others produce red, green, blue, and purple light. All of this means that we can create light combinations that can get as close as possible to natural sunlight. By having complete freedom to customise this light combinations, we can make our artificial lights accommodate to our every need.


Kumux Api Smart Lighting

We have developed a software that allows you to take into account your geolocation, time of the year, and sleep-wake cycles to determine the best light settings based on experimental data, data science, and sun position, getting results that are adapted to your needs.

Kumux Api HCL Pro

With Kumux HCL Pro, you can use our Laica (AI algorithms) to boost the properties of your smart lighting systems, customise light scenes that are adapted to your company's needs, or get a private API, including the benefits of Kumux Daylight.

Kumux Platform

Do you want to have full control and freedom over your light scenes? Kumux Platform gives you access to our online platform, where you can customise your light parameters and create your own light scenes.