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This is how KUMUX can be integrated into a project for dynamic circadian lighting with Inventronics OSRAM DALI PRO 2 IoT.
Inventronics Kumux Control System solution


If you want to integrate KUMUX circadian lighting using DALI PRO 2 IoT, follow the next steps:
  • 1.
    Download Inventronics' DALI Professional software and configure the DALI network in DALI Pro 2 IoT gateway.
  • 2.
    Configure a lighting profile called KUMUX with its specific configuration.
  • 3.
    Use it for as many DALI groups as you wish.
  • 4.
    Integrate the local server into the same network as the DALI Pro 2 IoT Gateway.
  • 5.
    Send us the DALI Pro 2 IoT Gateway data to communicate from the local server.