How KUMUX API works

KUMUX API is a cloud-based software solution that could make any lighting control system go further and become automatic human-centric lighting all year long, wherever you are.
KUMUX Smart Lighting


Brightness and color temperature data provided by the API allow the control system to change these light characteristics of a space dinamically all day long, all year, and get the benefits of circadian lighting for health and well-being.
Brightness and color temperature chart


Data models

Based on measurements of the sun at different points of the planet for long periods of time. Creation of solar models that are then reproducible to get the benefits of the sun indoors.

Scientific research

The latest scientific publications are constantly reviewed to update the technology according to new scientific results.

Geolocation and daytime

Changing rhythms of the sunlight worldwide are taken into account thanks to geolocation and daytime. In addition, the activity needs are also included in the algorithm to make it human-centric.

Secure API

Have private access to the API with your credentials and the possibility to encrypt data when downloaded from the API.


Learn how to use the API for the integration of KUMUX solution into your lighting control system.
Get the KUMUX advanced Human-Centric Lighting feature to bring the benefits of the sun indoors with your system.