Your indoor sun

Software suite that optimises dynamic lighting controls

Artificial lighting has a profound impact on people's well-being and daily lives, further than illuminating. It regulates our body clock, sleep, temperature and heart rate.
KUMUX software optimises dynamic lighting by adapting light throughout the day for the users’ needs. KUMUX adjusts the artificial lighting settings based on geolocation, time, activity and luminaire characteristics by using AI algorithms.
It works with major control systems and all lighting manufacturers to deliver healthy, productive, safe, and engaging lighting environments.


KUMUX software optimises the control system with an algorithm that uses AI to incorporate light science into the lighting settings in real projects. This is the key to receiving the benefits of human-centric lighting for health, well-being and performance in users.
KUMUX service provides the most suitable brightness and colour temperature settings throughout the day according to:


It changes the lighting settings throughout the year to adapt indoor lighting to seasonality and make it more similar to natural light.


It adjusts the settings to the type of building (office, nursing homes, schools…) and occupants, taking into consideration the latest research about human-centric or circadian lighting

International standards

It can adapt the lighting to comply with WELL standards, UL, Lighting Research Center recommendations… or any others.


It uses AI to incorporate solar data models, research results about the effects of light on people and luminaire characteristics into the algorithm to get the best lighting settings anytime.



Simple commissioning

No need to configure the lighting settings schedule. With KUMUX Platform you only select the predefined curves depending on the type of building, guidelines to follow, characteristics of luminaires. You can also calibrate linear/logarithmic drivers.

Remote adjustments in lighting

KUMUX cloud service allows adjusting the lighting settings in colour temperature (CCT), brightness or lux levels, according to real lighting conditions and user experience anytime. No need to modify the KNX project configuration.

Differential value

KUMUX optimisation directly impacts the health and well-being of users, increasing productivity in offices, reducing sundowning and falls in nursing homes or promoting the learning environments in schools. All based on scientific data models and research.

Recurrent payment

KUMUX subscription service provides a passive income for the system integrator while the final customer enjoys the service. It depends on the project size, from 600€/year.


You only need a Local Server with KNX IoT API Server + KUMUX Client
Knx Kumux Control System solution


  • 1.
    Export the KNX project using ETS6 in .ttl format, including the group addresses for receiving CCT/Brightness/Lux levels throughout the day.
  • 2.
    Import the .ttl file into the KNX IoT API Server.
  • 3.
    Configure the URL of the KNX IoT API Server in the KUMUX Client.
  • 4.
    Integration is now complete.

Questions & Answers

Yes, you can. You should configure the KNX system to enable/disable KUMUX automation. This way, when you manually control the system to adjust CCT or brightness or you set a scene for specific activities, the KUMUX automation can be disabled. You would need to enable KUMUX automatic mode again.
Yes, in that case KUMUX provides colour temperature and lux levels variation throughout the day, so that the luminosity sensor can receive these lux levels and regulate intensity accordingly.