Join KUMUX in the mission of bringing value to lighting and control
Because the value of human-centric lighting lies in the combination of lighting and controls, KUMUX was born to add science and logic to the controls, thus achieving a realistic biological, emotional and visual effect on people.
KUMUX translates science-based data into lighting settings for any control system to leverage its features and boost the light effects on people’s health, mood and well-being.
KUMUX API enables the communication with KUMUX Platform to offer KUMUX cloud service embedded into lighting controls. Any control system can use this service to automate dynamic lighting settings throughout the day, all year, easily and with a scientific foundation.
In addition, the cloud-based configuration of project-specific lighting settings enables remote modifications during the commissioning and testing phases without affecting the existing control system configuration.

Pharos controls systems make lighting (coloured, white or tuneable white) do exactly what you want, when you want it. With our controllers now being used in a wider range of applications, we noticed the need for functional lighting to simply be the right lighting.

But how do you define ‘right’?  Kumux provides a straightforward way of creating the perfect tuneable white light setting for a wide selection of applications. Integrating Kumux into our Designer software has been a great addition to the comprehensive set of tools we offer our customers.

Bas Hoksbergen, Commercial Director at Pharos Architectural Controls


For each project, the specific lighting settings are configured in the KUMUX Platform in the Cloud.
The control system requests the settings for each time of the day, each day of the year.
KUMUX cloud offers the requested lighting settings, according to the project configuration in the KUMUX Platform.


Data Models
Based on measurements of the sun at different points of the planet for long periods of time. Creation of solar models that are then reproducible to get the benefits of the sun indoors.
Scientific Research
The latest scientific publications are constantly reviewed to update the technology according to new scientific results.
Geolocation and daytime
Changing rhythms of the sunlight worldwide are taken into account thanks to geolocation and daytime. In addition, the activity needs are also included in the algorithm to make it human-centric.
AI Algorithms
Using machine learning algorithms, KUMUX optimises the lighting settings for the specific luminaires in the project.


Learn how to use the API for the integration of KUMUX solution into your lighting control system.