Software suite that optimises human-centric lighting controls
Using AI and machine learning, KUMUX translates scientific insights into lighting settings to adapt artificial lighting according to geolocation, time, activity and luminaire characteristics. This allows the lighting control system to mimic the changing natural light indoors to improve users’ wellness.
KUMUX not only helps in the generation of the most suitable lighting settings throughout the day, but it also removes the complexity of scheduled tasks while commissioning. Once KUMUX is included into the chosen control system, it regulates lighting automatically, allowing remote adjustments to meet occupants requirements and environmental factors.
Compatible with most control systems and all lighting manufacturers to deliver healthy, productive, safe, and engaging lighting environments.


KUMUX Platform optimises the control system with an algorithm that uses AI to incorporate light science into the lighting settings in real projects. This is the key to receiving the benefits of human-centric lighting for health, well-being and performance in users.
It uses AI to incorporate solar data models, research results about the effects of light on people and luminaire characteristics into the algorithm to get the best lighting settings anytime.
It adjusts the lighting settings to the type of building (office, nursing homes, schools…), taking into consideration the latest research about human-centric or circadian lighting.
It changes the lighting settings throughout the day all year to imitate the changing rhythms of natural light
International standards
It can adapt lighting to comply with WELL standards, UL, Lighting Research Center recommendations… or any others.
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Simple commissioning
No need to configure the lighting settings schedule. With the KUMUX Platform, you only select the predefined curves depending on the type of building, guidelines to follow, and characteristics of luminaires. You can also calibrate linear/logarithmic drivers.
Remote adjustments
KUMUX Cloud Service allows adjusting the lighting settings in colour temperature (CCT), brightness or lux levels, according to real lighting conditions and user experience anytime. No need to modify the project configuration.
Extensive Support
Backed by a dedicated team of expert engineers, KUMUX provides comprehensive assistance throughout every stage of a project implementation. With our scientific expertise and personalised support, KUMUX aims to help you deliver the best-in-class lighting to customers.
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KUMUX Cloud Platform contains data and algorithms that any lighting control system can integrate with a gateway to the Cloud (Ethernet).
*Depending on the lighting control system, the gateway to KUMUX Cloud could be not necessary.


  • 1.
    Configure the lighting control system.
  • 2.
    KUMUX will provide you with a Key associated to the project.
  • 3.
    Login the KUMUX Platform and access the project.
  • 4.
    Configure the curves or use already configured curves.
  • 5.
    Configure the zones or groups in the project.
  • 6.
    Configure the project settings for the gateway to communicate with the control system.
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